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While all of us love new technologies, we also believe traditional IT services are necessary. Here at Inthenetworld, we don't only offer both. We bring together the best of both worlds.

Traditional Essentials

Essentials of technology include infrastructure that provides connectivity

Digitization - The new world order

Mobile transformation, Big data analysis, IOT 5G and anything thats upcoming.


Below are some of the services and products we offer

Technological Integration

We can assist in technological integration of our services and apps to your business.

E commerce

Some of our affordable and interesting gadgets goes on sale here.

MNVO Licensed Agent

Inthenetworld is proud to be an official redONE Singapore partner.


Providing low costs Electronic SMS and fax services for marketing, reminders, or authentication purposes. E-SMS and E-fax requires no subscription or no hardware. Just sign up an account with us and you are ready to go!


Some projects we did

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  • Apps
  • Systems

InTheNet Ads

No need to print and distribute flyers. Innovative and new way to advertise! Viewers earn cash during your free time by viewing images! Download today at Apple app store or google play store!

Mass SMS

Send SMSes to the masses either using your own mobile phone or server, without the need to store them in your contacts or manually send them one by one.

Prowl Online

Security solution for prowlers of secured sites. Fully software based, replacing all existing hardware.

InTheNet Text

A mass sms system that allows business owners and leaders to send sms to all clients or members. The server doubles up as a basic CRM, storing basic personal information.

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